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Hot summer tips

14 Jun

I’m back! I have had the pleasure of being away on holiday :0) Not only a holiday, but a wedding abroad! Unsurprisingly, it was a picture perfect wedding with weather to die for, and a newly married couple looking distinctly like they’d just fallen out of a Vogue wedding supplement. Simply stunning.

Now, weddings and holidays are never complete without having a darn good look about at outfits, makeup and hair styles. Well, for me at least (I strongly suspect that every girl is the same!)! I saw some wonderful styling and some of the dreamiest maxi dresses ever. A resounding success you may think… However, some makeup glitches were clear to see.

In my very humble opinion 2 main areas need addressing.

1. Bronzer (a perennial irritation I’m afraid, although it does seem to be more of a plague in the summer months).

What is bronzer for? Well, it adds a lovely glow to your cheek bones which is meant to simulate the affect of the sun. IT IS NOT meant to look like a large, brown, streaky stain from nose to ear. Bronzer shouldn’t really even touch your cheeks, simply the cheek bones. It is not flattering to skip the blusher step and whack on more and more bronzer. Neither does it create a sun kissed glow!! Keep blusher on the apples of your cheeks and then bronzer next to it.

2. Eyelashes

False eyelashes are amazing. There are all sorts out there; long, thick, glittery,  feathery and coloured. The list could go on! More commonly people look for lashes to add length or volume. Individual lashes are great for this. You glue on small sections of lashes to the outer corner or centre of your eye. Full sets of lashes can also be stunning. The tricky bit is making sure you get them on at the right angle, as well as making sure they are the right length from inner to outer corner of your eye.

Make sure the lashes aren’t too long. If they are, simply snip off the last few mm from the outer edge of the lashes. Then make sure you carefully glue the inner and outer corners extra well (to stop them lifting). Once the lashes are lying on top of your own, gently use your finger to angle the lashes up slightly, at the same time as pushing them into place. If you don’t do this you end up with a ‘closed eye’effect. This defeats the object of putting the focus on your eyes!!

I hope these tips help, and you now rival the A listers on the red carpet!Get in touch, leave your comments and let me know if these tips help :0)