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Party (-people) season!

14 Dec

Festive cheer to one and all!

Some of you may know that there has been an addition to our little family. 1001 nappies and a few sleepless nights later I have another post for you..

Christmas is so close, and the party season is in full swing (for many!). I asked if you had any queries or potential problems you’d like to raise in order to be in tip top condition to party with the best of them.

One lovely lady (in fact, one of my gorgeous brides) wanted some advice and ideas for eye makeup, if she chose to wear red to a winter wedding. A wonderfully festive, eye catching colour! To fill you in, the lady in question has blond hair. 

Now, as it’s a wedding and not a work or Christmas party, heavy smokey eyes might not be quite the right thing, however much a grey/charcoal eye would look stunning with a red dress. Something lighter and more elegant (than dramatic) might be required. A bronze/gold shadow combo would be beautiful and still fun enough for the season. For something a little different, deep navy or emerald green could also be knockout, it simply depends on the look you’re after.. The options are endless (as always!)! If you just wanted a hint of colour, then a coloured pencil liner would be the answer, or your eye shadow used with an angled brush and swept along the lash line.

You could try some hi shine/glitter shadow, for example MAC pigment (or Barry M Dazzle Dust), to add a punch . Put a small amount of vaseline on your eye lid and press the pigment in top.


You can make the look more dramatic still, if desired, by using black eyeliner smudged into the lash line and some darker shadow at the outer corners.

Another classic look on the eyes, especially with a dramatic outfit, is the cat-eye liner flick.


If you feel daring (and have a steady hand!) liquid liner would amp the drama again (as in the picture, from the Maybelline site), as well as false eye lashes. I’ve spoken before about these, and the individual lashes you can use. Just the trick!!

I hope these ideas are useful!!!!! Any other ponderings or thoughts, let me know :0)