My favourite makeup (at the moment!!)

11 Apr

Goodness me, could it very nearly, almost, just maybe be Spring??!

Well, whether it is or not, I’m determined to feel like it’s happened! Not easy to achieve however. Currently I’m working with bright lip colours to do it for me. Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind reapplying lipstick, but it doesn’t seem quite right to leave fuscia lip marks all over the baby ;0) I’ve been using some lip stains as a result. Great results I can report!

Revlon have had their ‘Just Bitten’ range for a little while now. I love them! They really do stay in place and stain your lips beautifully. The balm is good too, and to be honest, needed to make your lips look irresistibly kissable (paramount to the baby! ha!). So quick to apply and it makes such a statement look. RESULT! I’m loving ‘Passion’. More to the point, if Jessica Biel is advertising it, I’ll try and buy it!! 


Next to try is the new balm stain Revlon have brought out…

Rimmel have their version too, ‘1000 Kisses’. Almost identical, same results, same, same, same.. ‘Endless Blossom’ is a softer look than the Revlon one mentioned. I’ve always thought this Rimmel colour is a good shout for brides, maybe with a little gloss over the top depending on the finish you’re after.

With my lips stained, I just need to have a little definition on my eyes. I generally champion Bourjois ‘Volume Clubbin’ mascara. I have another gem for you, ‘Liner Effect’!

Product Image

This mascara is more about defining individual lashes and creating lovely fanned lashes, rather than general volume. Whilst it’s quite a natural looking finish, you can build it up to make quite a dramatic look. Overall I think I still prefer Volume Clubbin, but this is a really good second place!

Eyes and lips done, onto the base (I wouldn’t necessarily apply makeup in this order). I have a new favourite BB cream. I’ve blogged about this before, but I think it’s tricky finding a BB cream for pale skin tones. Previously I was using the Maybelline BB cream, which I still like and may well go back to. Now I’ve got the Revlon version. Love, love, love! It still has spf 30 which I love, and it has a lovely finish, not too shiny (which can be a tad dodgy when it gets warm!!) and really good coverage. This is one I think you’ll all like :0) Grab one and give it a go…

On the topic of BB creams, I had a look at the Kiehls offering. In my (humble) opinion the fact that it has spf 50 made it smell like sun cream. It also had a fairly matt finish. So, for me, not the one. Have you tried it? What did you reckon?

Finally, a little blush. Nars ‘Multiple’ in ‘Orgasm’ is fab. That’s all!

Product Image

So, the million dollar question……… What are your fave makeup bits? What else do I need to try?!!

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