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Brand alert…

17 Jan

Brrr! Just a tad chilly at the mo, eh?!

Well, if you’re looking for indoor activities this weekend and fancy a spot of shopping, why not spend some time wandering about the beauty halls somewhere? Just me…?!

I was pottering about one such place recently and came across a new brand I hadn’t seen…. ‘Wild About Beauty’. This is a brand brought out by Louise Redknapp and her makeup artist Kim Jacob. They have an ethos that I completely agree with – not overloading the skin with makeup, natural looking finish and natural ingredients.

Taken from their site

“Without over-complicating beauty; we offer a core collection of easy to use, paraben free, make-up essentials. Our products are packed with nourishing, beneficial ingredients including Winter Cherry Extract, German Chamomile and Organic Rose Water that work in harmony to enrich and care for your skin.”

Honestly, I’m not crazy on the name, or the packaging, but it’s what’s inside that counts (ha! funny coming from a makeup artist!).

I tried out the concealer (obviously, as I’m obsessed!). It is creamy and goes on nicely. I walked about the store and looked in plenty of mirrors, and yes, it covered my dark circles! It comes in a little pot with two shades, so you can mix and perfectly match the shade to your skin. They don’t have a lot of pot combos, but there are probably enough to suit most people.

I was given a couple of samples of serums

Rose Water Illuminating Serum

Rose Water illuminating serum

Botanical Skin Prep

The Rose Water serum has a nice light texture that you can use on its own, or under makeup. Nice!

I also poked my fingers into the eye shadows and cheek colours. All lovely textures. The shadows are very flattering colours, and come in powder and cream. The blush comes in powder, cream and cream to powder (clue in the name, goes on like a cream and develops into a powder finish).

You’re going to love the brand if you like soft, natural beauty. All very interesting and really worth a look ladies :0)

Have you tried any of their products? Write a post and let me know!

Speedy polished makeup

8 Jan

Happy New Year folks!

2013 is upon us and the January blues are a now a reality.. Sad but true that every year January feels like a major let down. Grey, murky weather is a massive contributor to this, no?? So, what’s the answer? Well, clearly the classics like new challenges and goals would be a sensible starting place? However, a new set of togs from the sales is far more exciting! Having an 11 week old makes shopping slightly trickier. Having said that, having an 11 week old opens up a huge world of new shopping opportunities ;0)

Thinking about making changes and new looks ties in quite nicely with the ‘New Year, New You’ idea I think. One of my dearest friends (another Mummy as it goes) asked me recently how she could look ‘more polished’ (her words, not mine – I can honestly say she always looks great!). However, she also wanted to know how to look more polished, and it not take 1/2 hr to achieve.. A January challenge!

As a new Mum I totally appreciate time being of the essence, even more so if you have a limited interest in makeup to begin with (I’ve heard these people exist ;0) )! I think the idea of looking polished involves a few things;

1) Not looking tired

2) Not looking tired

3) Having glowing, even skin

4) Slightly flushed, healthy looking skin/cheeks

5) Defined features, specifically your eyes

6) Using products that stay in place all day, stopping the need for any touch ups

Right. How do we get this amazingly easy finish? Skin care is vital. It means you make sure the canvas for your makeup is in tip top condition. Make sure you moisturise morning and night, and I mean face AND eyes! Also, make sure you carefully and thoroughly remove all traces of makeup from face and eyes EVERY night.

The ‘not looking tired’ is so simple. I’ve championed the product before….. CONCEALER!! Run, sprint, race and elbow your way to Bobbi Brown and buy your creamy concealer (and corrector if you have dark circles like mine!). They will help you buy the perfect shade so you can trust it every morning. As a side point, I haven’t worked with or even met a scary/rude Bobbi Brown artist yet, they’ll be helpful and in no way intimidating.

Glowing skin is also a pretty easy one to achieve. Use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream. Choose one with an spf so you know you’re protecting your skin at the same time as making the tone more even. You can use fingers to dab on the product and then gently sweep it around your face into place (obviously you can use a brush, but this is the quick method!).

Cheeks. So easy! Cream blush. I say cream as it helps add to the dewy, glowing skin thing.. Dab onto the apples of your cheeks. Done. The cream below is MAC, and the colour ‘Something Special’ is a lovely pretty peach pink – just the ticket :0)

 Cremeblend Blush

Now, eyes. Use a log wear cream shadow that lasts. Bobbi Brown, MAC, Kiko (see below) and L’Oreal all offer shadows that stick to your lid all day. Use a brush (flat head, not with fluffy bristles) to apply the shadow (perhaps a light or mid brown, light grey/silver, or gold for a day to day look) from lashes to the crease of your eye (go ever so slightly above the crease and blend gently with your finger).

Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow

Then use a dark pencil, (brown, grey or black will suit most people, but if you want some colour, navy, purple and green are great options) on the top lash line. Have a read of my previous posts and you can see why putting liner under your eye can act against points 1 and 2!! Now, you can leave a stronger line, or you can smudge your pencil liner for a softer look – a 2 second act! Mascara all round, top and bottom lashes, and please, don’t let it stay clumpy and ugly. Use the brush to sweep through your lashes until each is defined. Much, much nicer. You could also use a light touch of powder on your T zone, but this is adding a step…

To keep your makeup looking polished ALL day you can use primer under your BB cream/tinted moisturiser/foundation. OR quicker again, choose a moisturiser that has one in it, try Bobbi Brown or MAC. Clever!

Vitamin Enriched Face Base

I can hand on heart promise that these steps should take no more than 10 mins to do, and with a bit of pressure like a screaming baby I reckon you can whittle that down to 8 mins ;0)

If you want a total makeup, then define your eye brows and add a little lip colour.

Let me know if you want any other pointers, or how fast you can get the job done!