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23 Apr

Good day to one and all!

Well, it seems to be Monday yet again??! We had an action packed weekend. Friends were staying with us on their way to their new lives in Canada. Cue a few late nights and lots of catching up with friends, walks in the park and excessive eating. To be honest, a perfect weekend!

Whilst catching up with one of my favourite girls, she mentioned how much she enjoys product reviews. It dawned on me whilst chatting with her, that whilst I love spending hours with my fingers in pots of colours, checking textures and rubbing pencils, lipsticks and shadows all over my hands, not everyone sees this as a fun activity?!! In fact, lots of you consider it more of a necessary evil.. Well ‘horses for courses’ is all I can say!

Following on from our chin wag, I can report that I have been out and about conducting vital research (sadly not the life changing kind, just makeup!). As you know I have been on the look out for a new/the best BB cream. Estee Lauder’s BB cream has been mentioned to me. I did try to go and investigate, in Boots (what an error!!). I have nothing to say on the product due to the predictably dreadful service. After a longish stint working in Harrods (‘Horrids’ to those who have come out the other side of the experience!) I do now expect good customer service when shopping. So, the research on that one shall continue!

However, left to my own devices, I did find Maybelline’s BB cream. Sadly the packaging is pretty naf, possibly designed by US ‘Apprentice’ contestants ;0). However, the Light colour is much better than the Garnier shade I mentioned previously. The texture is lovely, smoothing skin’s texture and tone, while leaving a lovely glow. Result!

I also purchased a new primer. Yes, to those uninitiated folk among you, primers exist in makeup as well as DIY ;0)!! It goes on after your moisturiser, before your foundation/tinted moisturiser. It makes your skin unbelievably smooth prior to applying your base. It also helps your foundation last all day. One thing to mention is that a primer should NOT leave your skin sticky.. Watch out! The primer I have used for years is MAC ‘Prep and Prime’ which is excellent, with a slight iridescent quality, helping the skin look fantastic. My new and very successful purchase is Loreal ‘Studio Secrets’ primer. My skin was supreme after usage, so smooth it felt unnatural! I then applied the BB cream, and hey presto, gorgeous skin :0)

So, if you don’t fancy poking about in the makeup aisles, head for these products and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed….. Let me know what you think!!!

Here are the two primers…