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Sunday look

8 Jun

ah haa! The sun came out to play.. and what a day it was. We spent a lovely Sunday in a small park,walking a happy dog,with a happier toddler (and very happy ma just after an iced coffee!!).

After my orange lip post I really fancied a bright look to go with the summery clothes and general vibe of the day. So along with my high shine gold ‘jesus shoes’, I slicked on a coat of Revlon matt Colourburst balm in Audacious.

I didn’t want a shouting lip, just one bright enough to feel summery today. So, i put the colour in the centre of my lips and used my finger to blend it. This makes a softer,slightly more natural finish. Less of a precise edge. The dog and toddler loved it!!!!


You can make the look far far more dramatic with a couple of coats. But not what I was after today.

FYI this is my Kiehls base I wrote about before. still love love loving it!

My favourite makeup (at the moment!!)

11 Apr

Goodness me, could it very nearly, almost, just maybe be Spring??!

Well, whether it is or not, I’m determined to feel like it’s happened! Not easy to achieve however. Currently I’m working with bright lip colours to do it for me. Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind reapplying lipstick, but it doesn’t seem quite right to leave fuscia lip marks all over the baby ;0) I’ve been using some lip stains as a result. Great results I can report!

Revlon have had their ‘Just Bitten’ range for a little while now. I love them! They really do stay in place and stain your lips beautifully. The balm is good too, and to be honest, needed to make your lips look irresistibly kissable (paramount to the baby! ha!). So quick to apply and it makes such a statement look. RESULT! I’m loving ‘Passion’. More to the point, if Jessica Biel is advertising it, I’ll try and buy it!! 


Next to try is the new balm stain Revlon have brought out…

Rimmel have their version too, ‘1000 Kisses’. Almost identical, same results, same, same, same.. ‘Endless Blossom’ is a softer look than the Revlon one mentioned. I’ve always thought this Rimmel colour is a good shout for brides, maybe with a little gloss over the top depending on the finish you’re after.

With my lips stained, I just need to have a little definition on my eyes. I generally champion Bourjois ‘Volume Clubbin’ mascara. I have another gem for you, ‘Liner Effect’!

Product Image

This mascara is more about defining individual lashes and creating lovely fanned lashes, rather than general volume. Whilst it’s quite a natural looking finish, you can build it up to make quite a dramatic look. Overall I think I still prefer Volume Clubbin, but this is a really good second place!

Eyes and lips done, onto the base (I wouldn’t necessarily apply makeup in this order). I have a new favourite BB cream. I’ve blogged about this before, but I think it’s tricky finding a BB cream for pale skin tones. Previously I was using the Maybelline BB cream, which I still like and may well go back to. Now I’ve got the Revlon version. Love, love, love! It still has spf 30 which I love, and it has a lovely finish, not too shiny (which can be a tad dodgy when it gets warm!!) and really good coverage. This is one I think you’ll all like :0) Grab one and give it a go…

On the topic of BB creams, I had a look at the Kiehls offering. In my (humble) opinion the fact that it has spf 50 made it smell like sun cream. It also had a fairly matt finish. So, for me, not the one. Have you tried it? What did you reckon?

Finally, a little blush. Nars ‘Multiple’ in ‘Orgasm’ is fab. That’s all!

Product Image

So, the million dollar question……… What are your fave makeup bits? What else do I need to try?!!

Brides Galore

7 Aug

Hi folks!

As you know (or at least we’ve been told) it’s summer! Summer, although it (usually) means sunshine, bronzing, picnics and alfresco dining, it also means wedding season is in full swing. I have had the pleasure of doing the beautifying prep work for a number of Brides. All of whom, I can vouch, have been wonderful ladies to work with, and gorgeous!

So, I thought I would share with you the most popular makeup and hair features I’ve seen, and done, so far.

Bridal beauty is often the epitome of ‘natural beauty’. Funnily enough, whether the end result is ‘no makeup’ or ‘party/carnival’ almost the same number of products are applied to the face and skin, and only the colour and tone is changed.

Wanting to ‘look like yourself’ is a popular request. However, I have pointed out that whilst this concept is all well and good (thanks magazines for the concept!) that if in fact you don’t wear makeup day-to-day, you are unlikely to look quite like ‘yourself’ once I’ve done my magic! Still, I’m not a total gorgon, and do at least make sure my brides look glowing and the image of perfection by the time I’m done.. The other element that should be remembered is photos have a power to essentially disintegrate makeup, so you need enough in the first place to show throughout the photos, and your album.

Lashes, individual and strips have been a very popular request. I have to say, I am a huge fan of these little additions! Individual lashes at the corner or your eye, or the full strip for volume, really do add a wow factor. These with a good black mascara and some feline shaped eyeliner really does transform your eyes. Be careful in applying them if you’re doing you own mind..!!!! ‘Transform’ can be a negative idea ;0)

Pink lips are always the starting point, but I have noticed more girls asking for brighter shades. This can add so much to the overall look of the makeup. Having the little extra ‘punch’ of colour can make your skin look healthier and your eyes more twinkly.

In terms of hair styles, a soft and less structured look is definitely the ‘look de jour’. It can be a lot more flattering, and modern than the more structured styles. Having said that, you do need to bare in mind the look of your dress and mood of the wedding in general when choosing hair styles, more so than makeup. Having heavily stylised hair and a country garden theme isn’t a natural match for example! Another interesting change is a slight shift from higher to lower styles. Now brides often talk about low buns, rather than having hair angled up from the ears (previously thought to be more flattering).

Although they may not be close ups of makeup, here are a few images of my brides doing bridey things :0)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the different looks, and any thoughts for new bridal trends..

4 Feathers (maybe more!) and a Bride..

10 May

Good day to one and all.. It’s nearly the weekend!!

It’s been an interesting week-10 days. I’ve been helping to plan a hen party, been to a wedding, bothering ASOS and had a shoot. Pretty darn good all in all :0)

The wonderful wedding was in Yorkshire, at Ripley Castle. The sun shone, the blossom was out in full force and the birds sang, all very Disney in truth. Although I was Captain of hair and makeup for the bride, bridesmaid and mother of the bride, I have to say that they all looked fabulous! Nothing like pure happiness to make someone glow (as well as a touch of highlighter te he). After chatting to the bride, we channeled our thoughts and used Audrey Hepburn as our inspiration. Hard to go wrong with her simple, elegant beauty and style really!

So, we began. Primer, tinted moisturiser, foundation (on T zone for an extra flawless look), touch of powder on the T zone, under eye concealer, blusher, bronzer, highlighter on cheek bones, eye shadows, eye liner, mascara, lip liner, lip stick, lip gloss. I think that’s it.. Phew!! And all that to create the ‘simple, natural, elegant beauty’ we were aiming for ;0) Don’t be fooled girls, these adverts and campaigns you see of girls frolicking in a bikini apparently with no make up.. they have it!!!! Plenty of it ;0)!

Hair-wise, following the same theme we went for a small beehive and french twist. The bridesmaid had some lovely little pearl grips which i put into the ‘neck’ of the twist to decorate!!

There were two fantastic photographers on hand, so clearly their photos will do the bride more justice… Until that point however, you can have a sneak peek!

A wonderful and gorgeous day! Congratulations once again :0)


…And here is a much more ‘to the point’ shot, ie not by moi!!



On to the next interesting part then………..

Yesterday I had a test shoot with the talented photographer Chris Pugh. Now, I will let you into a little secret. Test shoots can be a superb way of building your portfolio, updating your work and trying different things. However, you need a good photographer to make this worthwhile!!!! Otherwise test shoots can be a giant waste of time and energy :0(

Not yesterday as I say. Oh no!!! We had neon pinks, deep blues, turquoise and gold shadows and false eye lashes. We had feather collars and peacock feather crowns. AMAZING!!! Our model was a gorgeous girl called Zuma. She was really keen to get great poses and make sure she looked her very best. Now, you’d think most models would do this. You might even think that it was a necessary part of being a model. Ha!! Not so… So, a great team and some great results. I cannot WAIT for you to see the results…. Not long I promise!

Until then (again!) here are a couple of snaps from my phone….. You can just make out the ‘action’ shot of Chris at work!

modelling 101 by Zuma!

Bridal makeup tips

30 Apr

What a beautiful sunny start to the week. Such a pleasure!!

In no time at all the wedding season will be kicking off. We have the pleasure of being guests at a wedding on Saturday in fact. It’s all very exciting, the dress is ready, hair style thought through and makeup all sorted. And that’s just me ;0)

So many brides want to know the ‘secrets’ and tips to looking their very best. At this point it should be said that bridal makeup really isn’t that different to ‘normal’ makeup!! Everyone wants to look the best they can (i assume??) and the majority of people like to look quite natural (during the day at least). The only difference I routinely suggest to brides is the use of long wear/waterproof makeup. All that blubbing needs to be taken into account ;0).. But then again, many guests do suffer the same fate ;0)

Right. Here are a few of my hot tips:

1) Make sure your foundation is the perfect colour, that blends perfectly with your skin. Don’t make do, or your photos will be a memory of that orange day for ever more! Don’t choose a finish that is too powdery, as it will make your skin look dry. Yuk! There are long wear formulas which still leave a dewy finish, head for these – Bobbi Brown and MAC have GREAT options.

2) Use a primer (see the previous blog entry) to ensure your foundation stays in place until you cave at the end of the day.

3) Consider a cream blusher. It will give the soft but polished finish that looks so pretty. MAC, Bobbi Brown and Nars all have amazing shades of pinks and corals to make you look amazing. However, if you tend to have greasy skin perhaps stick to powder blush.

4) Use a long wear cream shadow as a base on your eye lid. This will give a great base colour, but mostly it can act as a primer for the powder shadows you put on after. Again, Bobbi Brown and MAC have great options. However, I have also recently tried Maybelline’s cream shadow which was impressive. Also, the Italian brand KIKO (at Westfield Stratford and Shepards Bush) has fabulous shadow sticks and powders, at amazing prices.

5) Waterproof mascara. Obviously! And unless you have alabaster skin, use black mascara.

6) Try a lip stain under your lipstick. Choose of soft and pretty pink stain, such as Rimmel or Benefit and layer your lip colour and gloss over the top. This way, as the top layers wear off through kissing and sipping champers, you should still have colour on your lips! You should only need to top up the top coats when you pop to the ‘ladies’  , instead of a special trip. Hurrah!

As I said, most of these tips are perfect for day to day makeup as well!

I thought you might like to have a peek at a couple of bridal makeups I’ve done….

Best wishes all!!!

BB creams and Bridal makeup

17 Apr

Happy Tuesday all!

So, here we are again.. here’s hoping you will be pleased to see my name in your inbox notifying of yet more ramblings?!! I’ve had some lovely comments so far..

I have 2 thoughts for you so far today!

Firstly BB creams. Now, I’ve done a little bit of reading and come up with two different beginnings for this new ‘wonder product’. Both are loosely based around the idea of a ‘one stop shop’ item that can care for and cover skin in one go. Bonus!!!! Love it already ;0) Funnily enough the idea of an all-in-one nourishing product that can even skin tone came from post-op skin needs?! Well, however it came about the idea has legs ;0)

However, I am currently struggling to find one which genuinely caters for us fair skinned folk. The Garnier BB cream has a lovely texture, really does give dewy glowing skin, but it’s just not the right tone, too dark. All very disappointing, especially when they seem to be trying to create different shades ‘fair’ and ‘medium’? I had the same experience with Boots No.7 cream too. So, my search continues and is guiding me towards Clinique next ..!!!

What have you found so far? Any recommends we simply can’t live without out there..??!

My second thought stems from realising it’s beginning of the (classic) bridal season!! I have a number of weddings booked in and a number to attend, and even the occasional overlap ;0) All very very exciting (yes the makeup, yes the nuptials, but really all those outfits to plan and wear!!!!?!). So, I thought I would show you some previous Brides I’ve had the honor of ‘working on’, in honor of those about to take the plunge!

For some more of my bridal images, go to http://www.hazelburford.com and go to the Bridal link!

See you here again soon :0)

Wedding makeup trial

2 Apr

One last thought for Monday evening! I recently had the grand pleasure of meeting Ms Sama, author of ‘The Utter Blog’ – actress, bride to be, wedding dress aficionado and wedding planner in the making. We met up and chatted about all things makeup, wedding and fashion related. I then did her bridal makeup trial so she could (hopefully!) pass on my name to the masses ;0) Have a read of her article;


Sleep tight