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Watch out Kiehls, you have a super fan!

21 May

Ta da! It’s May. The middle of May at that. Spring has nearly sprung, the summer is coming. And this weather! Dry and sunny……. Sun cream and SPF obsession begins afresh for another year.

I went to bluewater yesterday and called into Kiehls. I was sort of killing time, sort of finding a product for a certain man in my life and sort of bothering the girl in there for more information on the brand. What an experience! The girl/lady was so knowledgable and helpful (not so easy to find in all honestly, you have to pick your brands carefully!). And Kiehls had such a wonderful playground of products. I have no doubt that there are some stalwart fans amongst you. I am now with you.

The one, perfect, wonderful product I want to shout about today is the BB cream, ‘actively correcting and beautifying’ BB cream to be exact. 




It has SPF 50. Sold.

Others might need a little more convincing (although you shouldn’t, SPF 50 is basically unheard of!). I was slightly concerned that the sun factor was going to mean a thick, unmanageable texture that didn’t work with other makeup. No no no. This wonder BB cream smooths on and settles perfectly. You can’t feel it on your skin, it’s almost powdery, but not quite. My skin’s tone was even and beautiful in an instant. There was a beautiful dewy quality and as even as you could ever wish for..

It did not budge all day!

Love love love love love.

I was also impressed with the colour range on offer. I’ve written about BB creams before. I bought natural, as fair was just too light. Great! This means super fair skins are catered for.

So folks. I have got a few samples to try, but what do you love? What do you recommend?

Mother’s Day

7 Mar

It’s March! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, not even a corner really as it’s on Sunday, more like at the end of a short, straight path…

So, I thought it might be nice that I gave a few short pointers about makeup and styling for the more mature face and skin?!? You can pass it on to your Mummies, or direct them to my blog if they’re up to speed like mine :0)

In essence makeup is makeup, and the general rules apply.. Wait for it.. Yup, here it is, my chat about CONCEALER, AGAIN! Use it, use it, use it. Don’t assume foundation will do the job, it doesn’t (it does a different job very well!). Use a concealer that is creamy and just a touch lighter than your skin tone. DO NOT do very pale concealer. It looks stupid, not natural and just stands out in the wrong way! Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer is fantastic. There are so many shades that one will certainly cover those dark circles, in itself taking a good few years off. If you want something lighter, look for a pen style concealer. BE WARY of highlighter pens such as Touche Eclat. Again, they have their place, but in my opinion not layered under the eye (see note above about unnatural and pale concealer!). Clinique and MAC offer some lighter liquid concealers worth a look.

A cream blush will shave years off. As we get older our skin gets drier. Any powder should be used sparingly. Nars and MAC have some great blushes that help give a wonderful glow to the skin. Nars ‘Orgasm’ multiple stick is a cult fave and for good reason! It is quite shimmery, so don’t go overboard, and just to the apples of your cheeks. Imagine you’ve just  dashed up a flight of stairs. That’s where the colour should go..

Eye liner. Use a good pencil or gel liner next to the top lashes. Pencil is fairly simple, do short strokes along the lash line until you have  continuous line. You can either leave it like that, or smudge it slightly for a softer look. Be careful when smudging not to get too enthusiastic, or it will end up more like eye shadow than liner! Gel liners are fab as they are waterproof and tend to last longer therefore. Use a good eye liner brush. Place your elbow on a hard surface, like a dressing table, and then use your other hand to GENTLY hold your eye brow up slightly. This will mean that you can get right into the lashes and get a perfect line without there being a gap between lid and line. Try doing short strokes and joining them up again, rather than one long continuous line which is seriously hard. The pleasure when using gel liner is that you can get away without doing a long line, so the end result looks far better! Bobbi Brown, MAC, KIKO, L’Oreal all do gel liners. I love them, and so will you soon :0)

Avoid liner under your eye. You will look tired and you don’t want that! If you’ve been used to wearing heavier under eye makeup, trust me, you will defo look younger once you stop! I appreciate a change of look takes some time to get used to, but you’re worth it ;0) Try some soft, matt, light grey, taupe or bronze shadow at the outer corner under your eye. It will be such an improvement on liner. Follow this with a volumising mascara. Black will help define your eyes.

Go for a brighter shade of pink on your lips, something a shade or two brighter than your natural colour. Your eyes will look more sparkly and your skin more alive. Bonus! Try a little lip liner before your lipstick, in a very soft, natural shade. Our lips get thinner as we get older and we start to look older for it. A natural lip liner, such as MAC ‘Sub Culture’ is perfect. Follow the line of your lip, not outside it. Then fill it in and go all over your lip with the liner. This will also help keep the lipstick in place. Again, creamy textures are far more forgiving and flattering than matt. In fact, avoid matt textures like the plague ;0)!! Bobbi Brown’s Creamy lip colour is a great texture, and ‘Nectar’ and ‘Pink Blossom’ are a very pretty shades! KIKO also have some pretty colours..

 519 Baby Pink

This is ‘Luscious Cream – Creamy Lipstick’ in ‘Baby Pink’ by KIKO. Bright, but still natural.

Well, I hope this is interesting to y’all and your lovely Mums!!! Get in touch and let me know what they think…..

Happy Mother’s Day

Dr Organic.. Form an orderly queue!!

16 Aug

Nnooo! Complete nightmare scenario (not taking into account any real nightmare scenarios!). My wonderful Dr Organic Rose Otto night cream is about to run out.

Right. I have 2 options.. 1) Buy a new and different cream, why have the same when there are shelves and shelves of new products out there? 2) Stick to the same cream that I have enjoyed immensely for the last however many weeks?

Plan A was to step out into the wide world of skincare and see if any brands can tempt me (not so hard) into trying something new. I started in Space.NK hoping to see some more natural, paraben free (a potentially nasty ingredient put in almost all products in varying amounts, which some research has suggested could be carcinogenic), sweetly scented products. However, what I never really allow for are the ‘helpful’ sales assistants that instantly direct you to the most expensive ranges ie Eve Lom and Darphin. “I didn’t intend on spending that much” (ta!), knowing full well that there is plenty of research which suggests it makes no difference whether you spend £2 or £200 on a cream. So, off I pop to the other end of the skincare display (‘teut seule’ after the kind and helpful lady lost interest in me) to check out various options of night creams and serums (I had completely forgotten I needed a new serum ;0) ). 

Half an hour later I wandered on, pondering my options and thinking through the ample benefits of each cream I’d just rubbed into the back of my hand.

Boots? I know what’s in there.. Wander on..

Neal’s Yard? Ooo, that could work. Nope, no store at the shopping centre. Right.

Hello Holland and Barrett!! Just a quick look to see if my joyous Rose Otto cream is still available…. Oh yes, there it is…… What are all these bottles?….. More in the range you say? A serum you say?….. And other ranges of awesome organic, paraben free loveliness?!!!

I can happily confirm I am now the proud owner/user of the following items (and for the same price as the one night cream I was tempted by (under £35 in case you wondered)!);

And next on the list of products to try by Dr Organic (you never know, I might just morph into Giselle over night!)

The body wash is the most amazing ‘journey of scent’. It really does make you think of far away lands and holidays. It’s a rich smell, packed with spices. De-lish!!

The facial products made my skin so smooth and hydrated. A pleasure to use due to the scents as well!! The only precaution I might offer,  is for those with oily or combination skin, in terms of the facial serum. It’s pretty oily, which is fab for me, but may be too heavy for other skin types. So don’t use too much (3-4 drops only) I haven’t tried using it in the day yet as I suspect it might just be too much under makeup and make it slide about.. We’ll see though, I’ll give it a go so you don’t have to ;0)

Have you tried any of these potions and lotions?? What did you think?….

Questions answered!

29 May

Hi there folks!

So this week I thought I would take some questions from my Facebook followers (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hazel-Burford-Makeup/213760068691521). I’m always keen to hear any questions, thoughts or queries from people. Makeup really isn’t a mystery, but I do think you have to want to spend time with fingers in pots and rubbing products into your skin to find the best options. This clearly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but (perhaps!!) luckily for you I love it :0)

So, let’s crack on!

Our first question is as follows;

“Right eyeshadow colour for olive skin ladies like myself? Cause iv tried purple and it dont work!”

Certainly there are some shades which suit lighter and darker skin tones, much like there are colours which bring out different eye colours. On the other hand, try not to get too concerned with the ‘right’ colours. Sometimes things just work!! Also, if you’re going for a stronger or more dramatic look, ‘right’ or not can be less important than whether you’re happy wearing it and hold your head up high!!!

All this said, olive skins do look amazing with deeper, richer colours… The purple you mentioned would have to be a deep, dark purple, not a lilac. Jewel colours – emerald and sapphire for example – look great. Perhaps this is more of an evening look mind you. Day time (and a softer look) you could consider golds (peachy, slightly pinky golds as well as the more typical shades) and bronzes (this applies to almost everyone), rich browns and olive/gold green colours. You can’t go wrong if you pop into MAC and have a good old look through all their range.. Hours of fun ;0)

The next question is;

“How do I keep my make up from melting in the heat. My make up seems to tire easily in the heat..”

This can be extremely irritating! You spend the time in the morning putting on your slap, and then by mid afternoon it looks like you never bothered. Ggggrrrr!! It is slightly annoying too that some skins are more oily and therefore more likely to make/let your makeup slide about (or off) your face. 

I would always start with the best skin care for your skin type. If you have oily skin make sure your moisturiser is oil free. Most ranges have something, but you need to make sure you read the label. After this, pop on a primer (I have talked about these in previous posts). This will help your makeup hold firm. Next, you can find oil free foundations, which could be a great option. A touch of powder on your T zone. Avoid putting much (or any) on your cheeks so your skin and makeup don’t look to powdery or caked on. You can top this up through the day. You could also try blotting papers. I would consider sticking to a powder blush, rather than a cream, if you find your makeup does slide about. To finish, you could try ‘Fix +’ by MAC, which should help keep everything just so :0)


If your skin isn’t oily, follow the same steps, but make sure your moisturiser and foundation is the best for your skin type. You don’t want to end up too dry!

I really hope this helps girls..! Let me know what you think, and whether I can help some more :0)

See you here again soon….

Recent product reviews..

23 Apr

Good day to one and all!

Well, it seems to be Monday yet again??! We had an action packed weekend. Friends were staying with us on their way to their new lives in Canada. Cue a few late nights and lots of catching up with friends, walks in the park and excessive eating. To be honest, a perfect weekend!

Whilst catching up with one of my favourite girls, she mentioned how much she enjoys product reviews. It dawned on me whilst chatting with her, that whilst I love spending hours with my fingers in pots of colours, checking textures and rubbing pencils, lipsticks and shadows all over my hands, not everyone sees this as a fun activity?!! In fact, lots of you consider it more of a necessary evil.. Well ‘horses for courses’ is all I can say!

Following on from our chin wag, I can report that I have been out and about conducting vital research (sadly not the life changing kind, just makeup!). As you know I have been on the look out for a new/the best BB cream. Estee Lauder’s BB cream has been mentioned to me. I did try to go and investigate, in Boots (what an error!!). I have nothing to say on the product due to the predictably dreadful service. After a longish stint working in Harrods (‘Horrids’ to those who have come out the other side of the experience!) I do now expect good customer service when shopping. So, the research on that one shall continue!

However, left to my own devices, I did find Maybelline’s BB cream. Sadly the packaging is pretty naf, possibly designed by US ‘Apprentice’ contestants ;0). However, the Light colour is much better than the Garnier shade I mentioned previously. The texture is lovely, smoothing skin’s texture and tone, while leaving a lovely glow. Result!

I also purchased a new primer. Yes, to those uninitiated folk among you, primers exist in makeup as well as DIY ;0)!! It goes on after your moisturiser, before your foundation/tinted moisturiser. It makes your skin unbelievably smooth prior to applying your base. It also helps your foundation last all day. One thing to mention is that a primer should NOT leave your skin sticky.. Watch out! The primer I have used for years is MAC ‘Prep and Prime’ which is excellent, with a slight iridescent quality, helping the skin look fantastic. My new and very successful purchase is Loreal ‘Studio Secrets’ primer. My skin was supreme after usage, so smooth it felt unnatural! I then applied the BB cream, and hey presto, gorgeous skin :0)

So, if you don’t fancy poking about in the makeup aisles, head for these products and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed….. Let me know what you think!!!

Here are the two primers…