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Dr Organic.. Form an orderly queue!!

16 Aug

Nnooo! Complete nightmare scenario (not taking into account any real nightmare scenarios!). My wonderful Dr Organic Rose Otto night cream is about to run out.

Right. I have 2 options.. 1) Buy a new and different cream, why have the same when there are shelves and shelves of new products out there? 2) Stick to the same cream that I have enjoyed immensely for the last however many weeks?

Plan A was to step out into the wide world of skincare and see if any brands can tempt me (not so hard) into trying something new. I started in Space.NK hoping to see some more natural, paraben free (a potentially nasty ingredient put in almost all products in varying amounts, which some research has suggested could be carcinogenic), sweetly scented products. However, what I never really allow for are the ‘helpful’ sales assistants that instantly direct you to the most expensive ranges ie Eve Lom and Darphin. “I didn’t intend on spending that much” (ta!), knowing full well that there is plenty of research which suggests it makes no difference whether you spend £2 or £200 on a cream. So, off I pop to the other end of the skincare display (‘teut seule’ after the kind and helpful lady lost interest in me) to check out various options of night creams and serums (I had completely forgotten I needed a new serum ;0) ). 

Half an hour later I wandered on, pondering my options and thinking through the ample benefits of each cream I’d just rubbed into the back of my hand.

Boots? I know what’s in there.. Wander on..

Neal’s Yard? Ooo, that could work. Nope, no store at the shopping centre. Right.

Hello Holland and Barrett!! Just a quick look to see if my joyous Rose Otto cream is still available…. Oh yes, there it is…… What are all these bottles?….. More in the range you say? A serum you say?….. And other ranges of awesome organic, paraben free loveliness?!!!

I can happily confirm I am now the proud owner/user of the following items (and for the same price as the one night cream I was tempted by (under £35 in case you wondered)!);

And next on the list of products to try by Dr Organic (you never know, I might just morph into Giselle over night!)

The body wash is the most amazing ‘journey of scent’. It really does make you think of far away lands and holidays. It’s a rich smell, packed with spices. De-lish!!

The facial products made my skin so smooth and hydrated. A pleasure to use due to the scents as well!! The only precaution I might offer,  is for those with oily or combination skin, in terms of the facial serum. It’s pretty oily, which is fab for me, but may be too heavy for other skin types. So don’t use too much (3-4 drops only) I haven’t tried using it in the day yet as I suspect it might just be too much under makeup and make it slide about.. We’ll see though, I’ll give it a go so you don’t have to ;0)

Have you tried any of these potions and lotions?? What did you think?….

More product reviews..

16 May


A relatively quick post this morning (you may be pleased to hear!), and it’s related to more products I’ve tried :0) I’ve been making an attempt to make my skin look it’s very very best. So, I read a few articles and bits and bobs about skin care in general, read some ‘top 10’ ‘best skin care’ beauty pages and set about deciding on what I need right now.

I started with Liz Earle. Some of you may have heard of her brand, many not. I love the ethos of using natural extracts and elements from plants (many brands are finally cottoning on to the fact that people don’t actually want to slather their face with artificial chemicals!). I tried the ‘Cleanse and Polish’ cleanser and the ‘Superskin Concentrate’.

The cleanser is a thick cream which smells divine, a mixture of scents including a touch of coconut. You massage the cleanser into dry skin, then use the muslin cloth with warm water to wipe it away. The cloth has the double benefit of removing the cream and yuk from your skin, and gently exfoliating daily. Awesome!

The concentrate is essentially a facial oil (Kiehls also have some lovely oils, as do Decleor). After cleansing, you put a very small amount of the product all over your face and neck (all those moisturising products you pop on your face should be going onto your neck too!!). The result is wonderfully soft, smooth skin. Sadly my nose says that the scent is rather unpleasant, but I’m willing to live with that as my skin was so lovely after ;0)

My next little find yesterday was a total impulse buy (not uncommon)!! I popped into Holland and Barrett and on my way to the till saw the range of organic skin care they stock. ‘Aah ha’ I said to myself, a brand I don’t know, that needs investigation ;0)! So, I decided I need a new/additional night cream. As a side point I get very dry skin, and one of the reasons skin can look dull and more wrinkly, is being dry. The superskin concentrate is great for this, but on nights when it’s (my skin, not the night!) very dry I will pop a cream over the oil. So, I chose the ‘Dr Organic, Rose Otto Night Cream’. It. Is. Gorgeous! The scent is like walking through a rose garden, the texture is perfectly creamy and the results are happy happy, soft, moisturised skin. Delightful!! The brand has a number of products with different ingredients suitable for different skin types.. go and find it ;0)!

That’s all for now folks!!! Let me know what you think :0)